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Designed to motivate you to focus and work
more efficiently. And was born out of "scratching my own itch"

Let’s face it, everyone has problems focusing on their work at least every now and then. Including me.

Despite trying "many productivity hacks" I found online, I didn't actually feel that they helped me. At least, not enough. At that point, I began searching for a scientific and psychologically proven solution.

There are loads of tricks to hack your brain into being more productive and I’ve inspired myself from the works of people who truly understand how humans think (like Scott Adams, Robert Cialdini, Norman Vincent Peale).

I discovered a method that has its roots in accountability: you tell a stranger what you plan to accomplish for the day and start working in front of him/her.That’s because we are what we say we are. Sounds simple, but this really pushes us outside of our comfort zone and helps us accomplish tasks so we won't be seen as a liar or unable to accomplish what you intend.

That’s why this psychological principle works so well.

Robert Cialdini, one of my favorite authors, discusses this in his book Influence. Throughout the book, he explains how the consistency principle impacts our everyday lives.

It’s about our “…desire to be (and to appear) consistent with what we have already done. Once we have made a choice or taken a stand, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment. Those pressures will cause us to respond in ways that justify our earlier decision.”

Some examples:

  • You stay married, even though divorce may be the best option, because you’ve made a public commitment “til death do us part”.
  • You tell everyone you’re running your 1st marathon in 3 months. Your public announcement will motivate you to be more consistent in your training so that you can achieve your goal.
  • Weight loss clinics tell clients to make their goals public because this helps them stick to the diet.

Wanna learn more about productivity hacks and other studies that prove this method? See more in resources.

Using the consistency principle from Robert Cialdini, I created Focus101 to help people achieve more in life and get the courage to pursue their goals:

  • Earning more money as a freelancer
  • Trying out a new field or career
  • Studying for university
  • Distraction-free work at home
  • Getting a little push at work to do more
  • How much does it cost
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Why Focus101?

Fun fact: It was one of the few domain available that had the word focus in it.😅 You’d be surprised how many domains the domain squatters buy and then try to sell for an arm and a leg…I even found focusmyass, the japanese spelling of focus = fokasu, focusmirror focusdojo and basically, all sorts of combinations.

However, even though it wasn't my first choice, I realized that this name makes the most sense since 101 refers to the most basic knowledge.The ability to focus on one task and complete it is the basic knowledge we all need to achieve our goals in life. That’s why you came here.


That's what we're trying to help you accomplish.

Our mission is to facilitate the growth of everyone who wants to be more productive by meeting other go-getters and working in an environment that inspires productivity, prosperity, and better results.

Last but not least, I am selfish and helping others makes me feel really good 😂 Seeing others grow and knowing that I played a part in it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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