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Get an account

Simply click "Register" and create a free account, or log in with Google or Facebook.


Complete your profile by adding your name and a pic of yourself 🤳

To prove that you're a real person, add your name and a photo of yourself. This way, people will know who you are before the meeting.


Book a session 📅

Schedule a session in your calendar. The work session becomes public, so anyone can join.


Show up and meet your work buddy 👋

Enter the session and get to know your accountability partner before you start working.


Share your primary task for the session

Tell each other what task you're planning to focus on in the session.


Start working with your camera on

Using this method, you will remain distraction-free while working on your task. You just promised your work buddy that you would work in that session and not browse social media.


Get your work done and celebrate 🥳

Now that you've completed your session, you're closer to your bigger goal. Go ahead and congratulate yourself.


Leave a review for your accountability partner ✍️

Share your feedback with your partner after the work session. Let them know how it went.


Add an accountability partner to your favorites ❤️

Did you have the most awesome work buddy? Add to your favourites and meet up again. We can let you know when your favourite partners post new sessions.


Bad experience with a work buddy? 😥

We’re sorry if you have a bad experience. Please let us know. If that’s the case, block that partner and we’ll make sure you don’t match (or see each other on the site). You may also submit a report. Check out the community guidelines to see what's allowed and what’s not on Focus 101.


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🕧 In love with the Pomodoro technique?

Focus 101 has this feature too, so you don't need another app. Just enter your task and get started.

🔉 Work better with background sounds?

Use our white sound playlist, where we have curated a list of white sounds.

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