Focus101 Premium launched (and other goodies)

By Cris R.


81 Days ago


3 Min read

Hey there, Focus101 Fam!

We’ve just completed a massive update. Along with the launch of Focus101 Premium, we’ve done a number of other updates:­

  • You can manage your premium Focus101 subscription;
  • Since it’s (unfortunately) necessary, we’ve improved the blocked users feature;
  • Behold: colours (or colors if you’re American) on your session;
  • We changed the homepage – making it neater and better;
  • If you’re sick of us (who would be, right?) we’ve added the option to permanently delete your account;
  • We’ve listened to user requests and added a pomodoro time end buzzer (user feature);
  • Sessions card and calendar sidebar 12/24 time format (user feedback)
  • Custom participant tooltip on calendar feature;
  • We’ve added an educational campaign (a series of emails explaining common features. You can opt out in settings)
  • We auto merge sessions at the same time (ie: improved the match making mechanism)
  • Performance improvement changes
  • If you’re on premium, you can get a gift account for anybody of your chouice
  • and other Bug fixes;

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